“ENHANCE MANKIND AND STATUS’’…“Enhance Mankind and Status”

 ‘’You do the business with Mankind’’. You can reach the Goal of‘’ STATUS’’. 

That’s  ’EMAS’’

In ‘’ Malay.’’ –  The Meaning is ‘’GOLD’’

 In ‘’Greek’’  -  The Meaning is “GREAT LARGE” “ BIGGEST” “WONDERFUL” “UNCOMPARABLE”. 

 ‘’EMAS’’ is a young company in years, but rich in it’s attitude.

 EMAS HEALTH CARE INDIA LIMITED  is a Public limited company established by  Shri.Rajapandi Veerachamy  in 2012 and based in Chennai, India. It produces health care products under the name “EMAS” whose products include Ayurveda, Natural herbals and Omega 3,6 and 9 EFA’s ingredients. It is spread across locations in India, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Omen, Sri Lanka, Asia and Europe, while its products are sold in countries across the world.

 EMAS Health Care India Limited is the Brain Child of Shri. Rajapandi Veerachamy, Who is the Founder of the Company is an Innovator from Science Background  with 25 years of hands an experience in Commercial poultry breeding farms and Hatcheries since 1994. With his scientific and farmers friendly planning and ideas, EMAS  is currently  operating with Hatcheries, Animal Food and Feed mills,  of its own and organic Herbal Poultry Farming Hub for commercial farming activities, like farming further proceedings and Trade.

 Founded by Rajapandi Veerachamy, an EMAS Health Care India Limited, Company's history began in 2003. while in the  Poultry Industry of  India , interested in the  Ayurveda and Natural products.  He went on to studying various herbs,  Ayurveda, Nutrients,  Natural Foods  and producing tablets. The company has more than 10 researchers that utilize Ayurvedic herbs and minerals. An Amazing drug, named  Power Plus Gold , is it’s amazing flagship product, first introduced in 2010.

 Founder pioneered the growth of the company in India, first with a range of Omega 369 EFA’s dietary supplements falling in line with the norms of the Dietary Supplement  in 2014, and then personal care products in 2015, under the brand name  EMAS” with initiate investment  from 25 lakhs to Natural Omega Health Care Products in  Ayurvedic Concepts, that later bloomed into the exquisite EMAS, by Corporate Sector .Today, the company has offices across the globe, including India,  and Asia.

 According to EMAS Wellness, Founder’s motivation and vision was to bring the traditional science of Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form. Nonetheless, in 2009,  All Cure - The Nature Doctor , derived from  Omega 3,6 and9 EFA’s , became "the world's first natural Omega  Ayurvedic drug". Another product soon became the  Emas  Ayurveda company's best  selling medicine, Freedom Pain Killer Oil . This product, created in 2009, is a Omega 369 formulation that ensures optimum nerve function through penetrate in to skin formula.

EMAS Health Care India Limited  has a very wide range of products, which include  Ayurveda , Personal care, Baby care, well-being, nutrition and animal health products. All Cure -The Nature Doctor, Power Plus Gold Capsules are  their most popular and well known products.  Other Essential Regular Usage products have been launched in 2016 with foray into extensive research and development in systems of ancient Ayurveda medicines of India.

 In addition, the  EMAS Health Care India Limited company have been introduced a new unique venture by several other  Health Care Products in our Own Online Shopping Mall by www.myemas.in , such as  Natural  Omega 369 with Hibiscus Shampoos, Hand Made Herbal Soaps, Natural Omega 369 Amla Hair Oils, Charcoal Tooth Paste with Noni Formula , Milk Proteins Nutrition Powder, Non- toxic uco friendly Herbal Detergents,   (Bio-degradable) Natural Organic Herbal Chicken Modified as a Medicated Chicken, Sugar Level Manage Capsules, Omega  Foot Care Creams,  Omega Fairness Creams  and  Omega 369 Essential soft gel Capsules for Internal diseases recovery ,Ultra blue rays control LED Tv’s, Non- Chemical Food Products,   Life Guaranteed Natural Wooden Furniture,  Living  Home Appliances, pure Cotton Men’s wears, Quality Spices and dry Fruits, Automobile Tyres (International Standard) by Continental, West lake and  Kenda  etc. Now we have introduced in our own mall of myemas.in, more than 1000 Unique  products in our own brand of EMAS. Hence, we are planning to complete 25000 EMAS INDEPENTENT ONLINE DISTRIBUTOR (EIOD)’ s within the year 2019. We have tie up for delivery with Fedex international Courier and India Post , and we have to join for promotion of Marketing partner with Mols Shopping with Master Card, the product  EMAS  ATM  Charge card by Federal Bank of India.

 EMAS Health Care India Limited, First Time in India introducing the best Organic  Broiler Chicken, Anti Biotic, Pesticides and Toxin Free Chicken which is Converted from  Conventional Broiler Industry, Especially grown by Natural Herbals, Spices and Natural Omega 369 EFA’s, which is tested by Govt Hi–Fi  Pharma covigilance Laboratories and Germany’s Eurofin’s International laboratory by Aseel India  associate Brand. Emas Health Care India have been driven by highly Qualified and Experienced poultry experts including Nutritionists and Veterinarians.  These Initiatives over time have helped to establish our farm development and our client satisfaction. Now, we are the Only Person in our country to be launching the venture of Organic Omega Medicated Chicken, Which is Certified by Eurofin‘s Laboratory. We had been submitted our project information to Prime Minister of India.

 Then, in 2016, it established a factory, in Dindigul, Tamilnadu. Finally, in 2016, the company moved its research and development facility to Dindigul. In the 2012’s, the company was based in  Chennai, but subsequently it advanced to established 2018 in Dindigul (Tamilnadu- Region) Pune (Maharashtra- Region)  Hosur (Bangalore-Region)  Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh-Region)  Hyderabad (Telengana-Region) and extended across India.

’Our mission’’ is to be a leading provider of All Health Care Products and Home care Products  in all market we serve, and there by improve the quality with Uniqueness, for human health care sector. We base our commitment to our clients that our products will meet your requirements.                                                  

 EMAS HEALTH CARE INDIA LIMITED gives a better future to you and your family, earning respect in Society. If you are a prospective leader of business you will desire to join us and embarking on a successful career, you will become the best entrepreneur of this society, no doubt at all.